Cheers for Ears! The Otoplasty Procedure

By dustinheringer on August 02, 2015

Close-up of a beautifully positioned ear after otoplastyWhen people think of facial cosmetic surgery, chances are that most immediately conjure up images of facelift surgery or perhaps rhinoplasty. They almost certainly picture patients being in their mid-thirties or older, which, in fairness, is typically the case. However, there are certain plastic surgery procedures that can benefit patients of nearly any age. Among these is the facial cosmetic surgery procedure called otoplasty, more casually known as ear pinning or ear reshaping surgery.

Although otoplasty can be, and often is, performed on adults, it is one of the few plastic surgery procedures that are routinely performed on children, as well. This is because the average person’s ears are fully formed by the age of four or five. While many adults are content to go through life with protruding ears, not caring what people think about their appearance, some parents are concerned that their children will be exposed to ridicule if their ears are misshapen or too prominent. And, of course, many children are subjected to constant cruelty and taunting due to the appearance of their ears, which is what drives many other parents to seek out otoplasty. Whatever the case, otoplasty has helped millions of people to improve their self-image and boost their confidence - children and adults, alike.

The otoplasty procedure at our Scottsdale practice, Arizona Ocular and Facial Plastic Surgery, is one of the safest, most effective plastic surgery procedures available. Virtually anyone who has fully formed ears and who is healthy enough to undergo surgery is a suitable candidate for the procedure. If you would like to find out whether otoplasty is right for you or your child, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at our practice today.

What Is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure during which the ears are reshaped or repositioned so that they lie flatter against the sides of the head. The technique used to perform otoplasty depends on the needs and cosmetic goals of the individual patient.

Regardless of the technique, otoplasty begins with the placement of incisions behind the ear, in the natural crease where the ear meets the side of the head. Through these incisions, our plastic surgeons are able to access the cartilage. Depending on the technique being employed, some cartilage may be removed at this point, along with any excess skin, while the remaining cartilage is sculpted into a more aesthetically pleasing shape. The reshaped cartilage is then secured into place with permanent sutures to complete the surgery.

If reshaping of the ear is not necessary, then our surgeons may simply use sutures to pin the ears back without removing any cartilage. Eventually, the ears will heal and remain in their new positions permanently.

Patients generally emerge from surgery with improved harmony among their facial features, as well as an improved overall self-image.

Learn More about the Otoplasty Procedure

To learn more about the otoplasty procedure, whether on behalf of yourself or your child, please contact Arizona Ocular and Facial Plastic Surgery today.

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