What Is the SMAS Facelift Technique?

By dustinheringer on November 30, 2015

A woman touching her faceDr. Dustin Heringer and Dr. William McLeish have helped countless patients in and around Scottsdale look younger and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. A facelift is one of the best options for anti-aging, tightening loose skin and making those unwanted lines disappear.

A number of patients have heard about the SMAS facelift and wonder what that type of technique involves. Let's look into this right now.

Fact: There's More Than One Way to Perform a Facelift

While people think that the word "facelift" describes one way of going about the procedure, the fact of the matter is that there are numerous methods of performing a facelift. This doesn't just mean targeting different parts of the face, but how the tightening of the skin and reduction of wrinkles can be accomplished. All procedures are carefully tailored to meet the needs of a patient.

One such option is the SMAS, or Superficial Musculo Aponeurotic System.

The SMAS Facelift: The Basics

The SMAS facelift is designed to target loose facial skin and facial muscles that are not tight. The SMAS technique will target the fat and tissue of the cheek area, improving the appearance of the mid-face region. This means a focus on the deeper tissues of the cheek area for the best possible results.

The SMAS facelift is performed through incisions made around the ear area. Working through these incisions, cosmetic surgeons can adjust and remove tissue as needed to achieve optimal results.

Some variants on the SMAS technique may also target the lower face and neck area, though this will depend on the length of the incision that is made and the discretion of the plastic surgeon.

Ideal Candidates for SMAS Facelift

The best candidates for an SMAS facelift are people who suffer from drooping skin and loose skin around the cheek area and middle portion of the face. They should be in good overall health and not suffer from any kinds of medical conditions/problems that would make facial surgery a potential risk.

It's important that patients have realistic expectations about scarring and the recovery process. This will improve overall patient satisfaction and the recovery experience.

What to Expect While Recovering from SMAS Facelift

Recovery from SMAS facelift will involve some pain and discomfort, though that will subside as the days and weeks go by. Bruising and swelling is also common, though this will go down over the course of two weeks. Patients will be required to take some time off of work in order to focus on full recovery.

Scars from surgery are well concealed behind the ear and the natural hairline, which means patients do not have to be self-conscious about visible marks from incisions. With time, these scars will fade and become even harder to notice.

Alternatives to SMAS Facelift Surgery

If the SMAS facelift is not ideal for your needs, there are many other ways to perform the surgery. Your cosmetic surgeon can go over these matters in greater detail during your visit. In addition, there are also non-surgical options to consider for facial rejuvenation (such as cosmetic injections and skin resurfacing) that can yield excellent results.

Contact Dr. Dustin Heringer and Dr. William McLeish

For more information about SMAS facelifts and other options for anti-aging and wrinkle reduction, it's important that you contact our center for cosmetic skin care and facial plastic surgery today. Dr. Dustin Heringer and Dr. William McLeish will work with you to ensure your aesthetic goals are met.

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