The Ideal Exercise Timeline after Facial Plastic Surgery

By dustinheringer on March 02, 2017

Woman ready to exerciseIt is difficult to prevent signs of aging. Even when individuals follow a good skin care routine, the sun and other environmental elements cause damage to the delicate facial tissues. This, along with a natural loss of skin elasticity, often leaves fine lines, wrinkles, deep creases, and sagging skin. Facial cosmetic surgery addresses imperfections to restore a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

Following facial plastic surgery, many patients are anxious to get back to their routine schedule. However, it is important to allow the body plenty of time to recover. Exercise is one habit that patients should avoid after surgery. Plastic surgeons Dustin Heringer and William McLeish are happy to discuss the ideal exercise timeline after facial plastic surgery at our Scottsdale, AZ practice.

Risks of Exercise after Facial Plastic Surgery

Patients frequently ask why there is a need for precaution when considering exercise after facial plastic surgery. It is easier to understand a need for moderation after a body contouring procedure, but what does exercise have to do with the face? Strenuous exercise can actually inhibit the body’s ability to heal. If a patient rushes into a vigorous exercise routine too quickly after facial plastic surgery, they may increase the risk of swelling, bleeding, fluid retention, wound separation, and delayed healing.

Exercise Timeline

It is always best to stick to your plastic surgeon’s recommended exercise timeline after facial plastic surgery. We do suggest that patient’s resume a light exercise routine as soon as possible after surgery, as this will assist the body in the healing process and can help prevent blood clots. However, patients should listen to their body’s physical cues and never push themselves to exhaustion.

Many patients are surprised by just how long it takes for their body to feel well enough to resume their previous exercise routine. Below are some good guidelines for when it is okay to exercise after plastic surgery:

  • Week one: Week one of plastic surgery recovery is often tough for patients. The body will feel worn down and we encourage patients to get plenty of rest. Still, patients should resist staying in bed all day. Week one is the ideal time to begin walking. These walks should be short and frequent. Even a short walk to another room in the house can be beneficial.
  • Weeks two to three: By weeks two and three of recovery, patients should begin feeling a little more energetic. It is still ideal to stick to light, low-impact exercises, such as walking, during this time. However, patients should work on increasing their stamina by increasing the duration of their walks.
  • Four to six weeks: Within four to six weeks after plastic surgery, patients will start to feel more like themselves. Patients can begin introducing exercises such as light jogging, the elliptical machine, and light weightlifting to gradually build up to the exercise routine they followed before surgery.
  • Six to eight weeks: By six to eight weeks after surgery, most patients are given the go-ahead to resume all exercises. Even strenuous activities and heavy weightlifting should be acceptable, provided the exercises do not cause pain or extreme fatigue.

Schedule an Appointment

If you have been considering facial plastic surgery and have questions about specific procedures, or the recovery that will follow, Drs. Dustin Heringer and William McLeish are happy to provide you with more information. Schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience to find out how cosmetic treatment at our plastic surgery center can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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