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Lines on the foreheadSide effects are to be expected after you undergo any sort of surgical procedure. They are a sign that your body is responding to surgery and is healing properly. The team here at our Scottsdale plastic surgery practice always stresses this, whether patients are undergoing brow lift surgery or any other sort of procedure.

You will be given a full list of side effect prior to brow lift surgery, as well as warning signs for serious complications. Below are some basics on common side effects that brow lift patients experience and how long they last.

How Much Time Off Work from Work Is Normal?

Following a brow lift, it's common to take about two weeks off from work. This will allow the major side effects to pass so that they no longer affect your appearance or ability to accomplish simple, everyday tasks. Additional time off from work may be recommended for people who are in physically demanding professions.

Pain and Discomfort

Pain and discomfort are very common side effects after someone has undergone surgery. The soreness tends to be centered around the incisions along the scalp and hairline. The discomfort can be managed with pain relievers as well as by getting ample rest. The pain should subside after the first few days, becoming less of an issue as healing continues.

Bruising and Swelling

Bruising and swelling are both quite common after any surgical procedure. Since the bruising and swelling are on the head and face, it can be quite noticeable, which is why time off from work is recommended. Rest, keeping your head elevated, and cold compresses can help manage these issues.

Bruising typically lasts for about two weeks, with minor discoloration persisting for a few weeks after that. Major swelling should subside after two weeks, with additional minor swelling lasting for around two weeks after that. Very minor residual swelling may last for another few weeks, but it is difficult to detect.

Tingling and Numbness

It;s not uncommon for brow lift patients to notice tingling or numbness around the incision sites. This is the result of incisions made affecting nerves and soft tissue. As patients heal over the course of a few weeks and a few months, these issues with numbness and tingling will become less of an issue if they are even an issue at all.

Post-Surgical Scarring

Scarring is a reality after any kind of surgery is performed. Thankfully the incisions made during a brow lift are carefully hidden by a patient's hair and hairline. Modern brow lift techniques involve multiple minor incisions made along different parts of the scalp, which helps keep scarring hidden.

Over time, surgical scars will fade, making them even harder to detect. In the early weeks and months of recovery, be sure to avoid prolonged sun exposure to the scalp and face. This will help with healing and prevent sun damage that could result in visible scars and the formation of new forehead wrinkles.

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