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Straight, attractive noseThe nose is at the front and center on the face, so even the smallest imperfection can make a person feel self-conscious about his or her appearance. While there are many possible concerns a person may have about the nose, such as the size or width, one of the most common complaints is a nasal bump. Nasal bumps, or humps along the bridge of the nose, can compromise the shape of the nose and affect the profile.

Rhinoplasty addresses imperfections on the nose, such as nasal bumps, to create a more symmetrical and attractive nose. Experienced facial plastic surgeon Dustin Heringer is happy to perform rhinoplasty for nasal bumps to give his Scottsdale, AZ patients the boost of confidence that comes from having a nose that is straight, even, and well-balanced.

What Causes Nasal Bumps?

It is important to consider the structure of the nose and what is causing humps along the bridge. Determining the cause of a nasal bump is the best way to choose an appropriate treatment technique. Essentially, a nasal bump may be caused by an excess of bone, an excess of cartilage, or an excess of bone and cartilage.

The location of the bump tells a lot about what is causing it. If the bump is up high on the bridge of the nose, it may be a result of excess bone, whereas a bump that sits lower on the nose may be caused by excess cartilage. However, the most common scenario is a bump along the middle of the nasal bridge, which is caused by excess bone and cartilage.

Treating Nasal Bumps

Dr. Heringer personalizes every rhinoplasty procedure to best meet the unique needs of patients. In the case of nasal bumps, rhinoplasty will involve removing excess bone or cartilage to create a smoother bridge. Prior to surgery, Dr. Heringer will discuss how much bone and cartilage should be removed. Some patients may prefer a smaller, flatter bridge, while other patients may wish to remove a bump, but still maintain a stronger bridge profile. Dr. Heringer will use computer imaging to provide patients with accurate representations of surgical results so that a decision can be made regarding alterations.

With the patient properly anesthetized, rhinoplasty surgery will begin with the creation of incisions. Dr. Heringer may opt for a closed surgical technique (in which incisions are made within the nostrils), or an open surgical technique (placing an incision across the columella). Once incisions have been made, the nasal skin will be gently lifted. With access to the underlying bone and cartilage structure, Dr. Heringer can shave away excess tissues that are creating the nasal bump.

When he is satisfied with the alterations, the nasal skin will be redraped over the nose and incisions will be closed. When recovery is complete, patients will have a smoother nasal bridge that improves the balance and proportions of the face.

Schedule an Appointment

If a nasal bump is leaving you dissatisfied with your appearance, schedule an appointment with Dr. Dustin Heringer to learn more about rhinoplasty surgery. Dr. Heringer can answer any questions you may have about the rhinoplasty procedure, as well as provide you with digital images of what rhinoplasty can do for your appearance.

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