Take Pride in Your Appearance with Otoplasty

Numerous people struggle with unhappiness or embarrassment over the appearance of their ears. Perhaps you worry your ears are too large, asymmetrical, or sag or droop. Children, in particular, may be teased about overly large or prominent ears. If you are self-conscious about your ears or have suffered ear-related trauma, Dr. Dustin Heringer and Dr. William McLeish offer otoplasty surgery at their Scottsdale, AZ-area practice. This procedure may be recommended to cosmetically alter the shape, size, or orientation of the ears. With a focus on personalized care, we provide service that puts your needs first. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for yourself or your child. 

Close up of a man's ear
Otoplasty can refine the size and shape of your ears or correct protrusion.

About the Procedure

Also known as ear surgery, otoplasty is a procedure that cosmetically alters the appearance of the ear. It covers a variety of techniques, both minimally invasive and extensive, and may change one or both ears. The specifics of the modification will depend on the patient's unique concerns and goals. 

Candidates and Considerations

Otoplasty candidates typically fall into two broad categories: those who are uncomfortable with their ear shape, placement, or prominence and those with severe ear defects. The former often opt for traditional otoplasty, which may involve ear pinning, ear reduction, and ear reshaping surgery to adjust the ears to achieve the desired look. Congenital defects or trauma, on the other hand, may require reconstructive otoplasty to correct. Some common deformities or injury include:

  • Stretched or torn piercings
  • Cauliflower ear (a deformity caused by repeated ear injury)
  • Skin cancer or malignant melanomas affecting the ears
  • Macrotia (abnormally large ears)
  • Irregular soft tissue formation or cartilage development

Otoplasty patients range from very young children to adults. Early treatment may be beneficial, particularly if children suffer from congenital defects. The ideal candidates' ears need time to develop to their adult size before surgery, which usually occurs around age six. However, ear tissue in younger patients is easier to manipulate and may respond better to cosmetic alterations. Ultimately, your doctor will determine the appropriate age for your child to undergo treatment.

Treatment Benefits

Otoplasty offers a number of benefits to patients. The procedure is safe and typically requires just a week of recovery time. It can correct a huge variety of imperfections, the results of which look natural with little to no visible scarring. In fact, in many cases, the incisions are completely hidden behind the ear or placed in its natural folds.

Furthermore, otoplasty can address emotional concerns. As prominent features of the face and head, a person's ears are often targets for teasing and sources of emotional distress throughout their life. Many people go to great lengths to hide imperfections with hair, hats, or other methods. In this way, otoplasty can aid patients in refining their look and boosting confidence in themselves and their appearance.

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Here at Arizona Ocular and Facial Plastic Surgery, we put patient priorities first and work tirelessly to provide the best outcome possible for your goals. If you are considering otoplasty, contact us today to set up a consultation and discuss your options. 

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