A Detailed Treatment Plan Can Ensure That Your Cosmetic Experience Is a Success

When seeking cosmetic surgery, it is important to first develop a list of goals that addresses exactly what aesthetic results you want to achieve. This will contribute to a more successful cosmetic surgery experience. It is equally important to select a skilled practitioner who can deliver the results you want. After creating a list of goals for treatment, share it with your doctor during your consultation, so that he knows how he can help you effectively attain those goals. Expert surgeons Dustin Heringer and William McLeish will develop a treatment plan to maximize your cosmetic experience at our Scottsdale, AZ, practice. Your doctor will take the time to get to know you during your consultation, and understand exactly what you hope to achieve from treatment.

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As our patient, you can expect that every detail of your procedure will be carefully planned according to your goals.

Determining the Look You Want

When preparing to explain your goals for facial cosmetic surgery to your doctor, you may want to bring photos to your consultation: these can include photos of yourself at a younger age, to show the doctor the look you wish to return to, or photos from magazines that illustrate the look you would like to create.

It is important to understand before you receive treatment that many minimally invasive procedures will need to be repeated to maintain results, and other treatments may require touch-ups in the future.

Working Together to Achieve Stunning Results

Keeping in mind the cosmetic goals you discuss during your consultation, the doctor will examine your features and help you determine which treatments will most benefit you. At Arizona Ocular and Facial Plastic Surgery, we pledge to work with our patients through every step of the planning stages of their treatment. In many cases, we can provide non-invasive procedures to achieve the results you want.

You can rest assured that your doctor will develop a treatment plan that will enhance your appearance, with the goal of not just meeting, but exceeding, your expectations.

Treatments will differ from patient to patient, depending on your age and the type of procedure you desire. 

Budgeting for Treatment

Regardless of what procedures you ultimately opt to undergo, Drs. Heringer and McLeish are committed to creating a custom treatment plan that fulfills your needs and fits your budget.

Insurance will not necessarily contribute to the cost of the procedure you wish to undergo, but our doctors highly discourage patients from compromising their true goals in the interest of saving money. Our staff can help determine a payment plan that works for you.

Achieving Lasting Results

After your consultation, you doctor will provide you with a list of instructions to follow before and after each procedure. Make sure that you read these instructions thoroughly and that you understand all of them. The doctor will happily address any questions or concerns you may have regarding these instructions.

In some cases, the doctor may recommend having your procedures performed in stages, to allow one surgery to heal before beginning the next. You can rest assured that your doctor will develop a treatment plan that will enhance your appearance, with the goal of not just meeting, but exceeding, your expectations.

Schedule Your Consultation

If you plan to undergo cosmetic treatment in the near future, and you want to find a doctor who will work closely with you to accomplish all your treatment goals, contact us today and schedule a consultation. Together, you and your practitioner can develop a strategy to effectively turn back the clock and achieve a youthful, beautiful, natural new look.

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