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Facial Implants


Facial Implants Can Complement Your Best Features

If you wish to enhance the dimensions of your face, facial implants placed at our Scottsdale practice can help you achieve the features you want. These silicone implants can enhance volume in your cheeks or give you a more defined chin. Drs. Dustin Heringer and William McLeish can design a unique treatment plan to help you achieve your individual goals. Contact Arizona Ocular and Facial Plastic Surgery today to find out if facial implants are right for you.

Cheek and chin implants can enhance facial symmetry.

About Facial Implants

Facial implants are made of biocompatible silicone. They are designed to boost facial volume and increase the definition of your features. We offer two types of facial implants:

  • Cheek implants: Cheek implants can boost volume in the mid-face. They are especially helpful if you have sunken cheeks as a result of aging. Once in place, your cheekbones will be more defined and your skin will adhere more closely to the new contours of your face. Drs. Heringer and McLeish often place cheek implants in conjunction with facelifts or blepharoplasty.
  • Chin implants: If you feel that you have a weak, sloping, or undefined chin, an implant may enhance your appearance and self-confidence. Our surgeons often place these implants at the same time that they perform rhinoplasty. Alone or in conjunction with rhinoplasty, a chin implant can enhance the symmetry and structure of your face.

Facial Implant Candidates

If your face has lost some of its youthful volume, you may be a good candidate for facial implants. They can also be a great solution if you have suffered an injury, or if you are unhappy with your natural bone structure. Facial implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Before your surgery, your surgeon will provide a complete consultation. After examining your facial structure, the doctor can help you choose the implants that will meet your goals and provide natural-looking results. Non-smokers in good physical health tend to make the best candidates for any cosmetic surgery. 

Implant Placement

Before surgery, your doctor will examine your facial structure to determine the best position for your implants to achieve a natural-looking enhancement that meets your goals. Surgery begins with one or two small, hidden incisions inside the mouth. After making the incisions, the doctor will carefully create a small pocket in your underlying tissues. The implant will go inside this pocket. When the implant is in place, your surgeon will close your incisions.

Recovery and Results

Recovery from facial implant surgery is typically short. Chin implants result in some swelling that should subside after about a week. If you receive cheek implants, swelling may last up to two weeks. Stitches are typically removed a week following surgery, and patients can typically return to work at this time.

Enhance Your Facial Contours

If you want to improve the definition of your chin, or achieve high, striking cheekbones, facial implants can provide the enhancements you want. To find out how facial implants can enhance your look, schedule a consultation with Dr. Heringer or Dr. McLeish today.

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