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Will a Facelift Make Me Look Unnatural?

If you’re past the fine lines and wrinkles and are experiencing the deeper creases and folds of aging skin, you’re probably wondering what you can do to turn back the clock.

It’s fair to say that you’ve probably tried a variety of the noninvasive, anti-aging therapies available. While they worked for a while, they probably stopped being effective some time ago, and the effects were only temporary anyway. That just makes you more determined to find a way. 

Well, there is a way to reverse the loss of facial volume, tone the sagging jowls, and lift the drooping neck or chin — it’s called a surgical facelift, also known as a rhytidectomy.

For many people, the idea of getting a facelift is scary. It’s not so much going under the knife as the ever-present photos of Hollywood celebrities whose facelifts gave them the appearance and range of expressions of a plastic doll.

Fortunately, our oculofacial plastic and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Dustin Heringer at Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery, is well-known for creating a natural-looking facelift. His expert surgical technique and innate artistic vision combine to make you look like the best version of yourself, and that’s never unnatural. 

How to get a natural-looking facelift

A natural-looking facelift requires that both the surgeon and patient do their parts to make it happen. Here are some tips.

Establish a rapport with your surgeon

Not every surgeon has the same skill or will treat your face with the care and attention to detail you need and deserve. Dr. Herringer not only has extensive training in the surgical arts but also has years of experience performing thousands of successful procedures, and he delivers high-quality results for his patients time after time.

At your evaluation, the doctor conducts a thorough medical exam, enquires about your aesthetic goals and expectations, examines your skin, and evaluates your underlying bone structure. From this, he can determine if you’re a good candidate for a facelift. 

Your consultation is a two-way conversation, though. You’re bound to have questions and concerns, so speak up! Dr. Heringer provides you with all the answers you need before you leave. Be sure to ask him to show you before-and-after photos, especially for patients with similar facial structures. The results will speak for themselves.

Get a full facelift

A “skin only” facelift might be an acceptable, inexpensive choice for some people, but it doesn’t last as long as a high-quality traditional lift, so you’re quickly back at square one. The doctor does lift the skin, but the underlying tissues continue to sag. That means the results don’t look as natural as a full facelift.

Dr. Heringer performs a full facelift, lifting both the skin and the underlying superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) layer. This tightens your whole middle and lower face and contours your features. The result is completely natural-looking because it mimics the structure of a younger face. 

Choose other procedures to complement your facelift

Yes, your lifted face will be very natural-looking, but if your eyelids still droop, your forehead remains creased, and the skin on your neck still sags, it ruins the entire effect. If you’re definitely opting for a facelift, ask Dr. Heringer if he can add a neck lift to tighten sags, a blepharoplasty to open up your eyes, and/or a brow lift to tighten the upper third of your face. 

Follow all pre- and post-op instructions exactly

Dr. Heringer does most of the “heavy lifting,” but part of the burden of achieving a natural-looking facelift falls on you. To ensure the procedure goes smoothly and your recovery is uneventful, follow the detailed pre- and post-op instructions Dr. Heringer provides. 

If you’re a smoker, you’ll need to stop at least two weeks before your facelift and wait for another two weeks after the procedure if you’re not going to quit. Smoking impedes your ability to heal properly. We also give you a list of medications and supplements you need to avoid to reduce your risk of bleeding.

For the first few weeks, expect to take it easy — you’ve just had major surgery. Make arrangements for someone else to shop, cook, and clean the house for you. Avoid bending over, as it can lead to unnecessary swelling and bruising and extend your recovery time. And expect to be off work and not engaging in your daily workout. The doctor lets you know when it’s safe to return to your normal activities.

If you’re looking for a natural-looking facelift, look no further than Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery. To learn more or schedule a consultation with Dr. Heringer, call us at either of our locations or book online today.

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