Thyroid Eye Disease Treatment Can Improve Your Vision and Appearance

Photo of a green eyeMany patients who suffer from Grave's disease, also known as thyroid eye disease, will require some form of thyroid eye disease treatment. Fortunately, Dr. Dustin Heringer can perform orbital decompression surgery, as well as various other surgeries to improve your ocular health and enhance your appearance following surgery. He performs these custom, precise procedures in Scottsdale, AZ, at his state-of-the-art surgical facility, improving patient comfort and treatment convenience.

Nonsurgical Treatments

The sooner that thyroid eye disease is discovered, the better. Early treatment can reduce your risk of eye bulging and swelling. In some cases, high-dose, non-invasive corticosteroid therapy can keep early symptoms of active Grave's disease at bay. Dr. Heringer will also evaluate the severity of any orbital problems and may recommend external beam radiation therapy in conjunction with other procedures. However, the longer orbital symptoms have been present, the less effective nonsurgical treatments are, and the more likely you will need surgery. 

Surgically Treating Thyroid Eye Disease

Once your vision becomes affected or you begin to have double vision, reconstructive surgery should be seriously considered to avoid permanent damage to the eye and your vision. Dr. Heringer uses only the latest equipment and technology to ensure minimal scarring and desired results. Orbital decompression procedures can remove bone and fat from the orbital socket to relieve pressure and create more space for the eyeball. This approach eliminates bulging eyes and can preserve vision. 

While orbital decompression surgery is a highly effective first step, there are other solutions available to ensure successful treatment:

  • Eye muscle surgery – On an outpatient basis and under a local anesthetic, the doctor will reposition the muscles of the eyes, bringing them into alignment to significantly reduce double vision symptoms.
  • Eyelid repositioning – In another outpatient surgery, the doctor will release tightened muscles and tendons in the eyelids. This technique will allow the eyelids to return to a normal position, further reducing bulging.
  • Aesthetic surgery – You will likely undergo eyelid reconstruction surgery following orbital decompression to achieve a cosmetically desired appearance. These facial cosmetic surgeries often offer the best results when combined, and can include blepharoplasty, brow lift, or even a facelift. Dr. Heringer can also utilize resurfacing or injectable procedures to restore skin elasticity and volume.
Once your vision becomes affected or you begin to have double vision, orbital decompression surgery should be seriously considered to avoid permanent damage to the eye and your vision.


Most patients will only undergo an outpatient procedure, but it is possible that you may need to stay overnight if your condition is severe. You will be prescribed corticosteroids and antibiotics to control swelling and infection, and we will provide a cover for your eye. Smoking delays the healing process and is strongly discouraged, and patients must be sure not to drink alcohol because it can lead to fluid retention. Most patients are able to return to work and a normal routine within a few days of surgery, however, sutures will typically be removed two weeks after the procedure.

Take the Next Step Towards Optimal Health

If you are suffering from Grave's disease, choose an experienced, and skilled surgeon. Dr. Heringer is compassionate and will guide you through the entire process, until your vision, appearance, and quality of life have been dramatically improved. Contact our office online or call 480-949-5990 to schedule an appointment.

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